Mistress of the Foxhounds.

Dress: Vintage, 10ft Single  I  Boots:  omgidontknow  I  Hat:  Thrift  I  Bag:  Beacons  I 
Belt:  Great Grandmas via Grandma 

This tweed dress was a purchase from my first trip into 10ft Single.  (red below for the full gush.) 
The tweed/olive-ness of the dress really gives off a Fox Huntress vibe.  
All day all I wanted to do was jump on a horse, blow a horn and chase a fox.  
Bacall coulda been my foxhound.  
When I tried it on, Jenaveve said I looked like a peasant or Robin Hood, which really,
when you think about it,  is not the same at all.  
BUT  I thought what the hey, she's kinda right, lets pair it with some boots of the same tone,
throw on a hat with a feather and really push the Mistress of Foxhounds/Peasant/Robin Hood theme.  Works, no?  Especially in the hallway where I blend into my surroundings. 

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