Copy Pants

Pants:  GAP  I  Flannel:  Rue La La  I  Blazer:  NY&C  I  Heels:  SYMS  I  Belt:  Street

Here’s the thing about these faboosh red corduroy pants. I love them. I love them because they’re bright red and OTHER people seem to love them.  And I love making other people happy.  But seriously, tons of comments.   And before you say anything, I know the red pants are a bit snug.  Which is why I’m choosing to believe that all that attention was solely due to the fact that they looked bangin on me and not because these jammies are, who are we kidding, SKIN tight.
I can barely sit in them. I had to sleep in them the night before to stretch them out a bit. This in addition to the Fancy Pants Dance. You know the one, where you shimmy your legs and butt up in the pants, which is a feat in its own right, and then continue on to do 10 or 15 squats and lunges until you can barely zip up?
The Fancy Pants Dance, or, FPD.
I should also confess that I stole these pants from another blogger. Ok, so I didn’t so much STEAL them from Kendi (you might have heard of her), as I saw them on her, choked on my coffee and said “damn those are hot!” and immediately went to to buy a set of my own. So ACTUALLY, one could argue that I’m no thief and that she owes me the cost of said pants.
This logic is sound.  

UPDATE:  So I was complaining to my dear friend Matt about the tightness of these pants and how they go squeesh squeesh squeesh when I walk.  He immediatly played THIS.
I'm staying away from nature.


Tiffany said...

these pants are fabulous. If I wasnt broke and on a shopping ban I would go out and buy them too.
also, love your description of the fpd. We've all been there- thanks for giving it a name.
ps- you inspire me

Kyla said...

This loks fantastic! Are your hair is gorgous! Can't wait to read more of your blog!