She's a Maniac

Blue Skinnies: NY&C  I  Sweatshirt:  GAP  I  Boots:  Some store  I  Leatherette:  Target  I 
Bag:  Thrifted  I  Scarf:  Matt's

This was my “It’s cold /It’s Friday / I’m a wannabe Alex from Flashdance / I love picnics” outfit.   I’m fairly certain you’re able to pick up what I’m putting down with that description, paired with my photos.

I hacked the hood and shoulders off this long GAP sweatshirt the other night.   I don’t know, the bulky–ness was making me feel frumpy.   FRUMPY!   Stare at that word and repeat it over and over and over in your head.  Gah.   Anyway – per my description, it was cold and it was Friday, so I went with jeans, flat boots and my newly re-worked sweatshirt.  But even though it WAS cold and it WAS Friday, I'm still a professional, so I added this lovely scarf (stole it from Matt) to cover up bra straps and any potential wardrop malfunctions.   Also, you can’t see it, but I had a glorious rhinestone necklace on under the scarf, you know, to add some class.  

Gratuitous Flashdance Clip

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