Go Braves

Mustard Sweater & Tights:  Target  I  Belt, Necklace & Sweater:  Gem from the Gma  I 
Skirt:  H&M  I  Heels:  Lulu's  I  Cuff:  La Mama de mi Novio.

I felt like such a lady today.   Kind of like His Girl Friday.  Or, almost like a secretary in an ad agency, say back in the 1960’s. God, fashion and interior design were so ffantastic in the 60's, weren’t they?   Someone should write a script and base it on the dynamics of society back then. You know men and women, high power, money, etc etc. Call it like, Crazy Suits or something.

Anyway – it might have been this glorious costume necklace from my Grandma or the pencil skirt with the sweater, but like a lady I felt.   I tend to feel like a lady any time I wear Grandmas things.  Probably because SHE is a lady. The ladiest lady you’ll ever meet. The woman wears pearls and lipstick camping.   Lady.

Also, I’m wearing the school colors of a high school rival.   I played way too many games in 4 years against these guys to have forgotten that Beach Boys song.   They were the Vikings and they wore Gold and Green. I was a Brave and Blue and Red were my colors of honor.   There’s no point in me telling you all this but all I thought about every time I looked in the mirror was that I was a traitor.   So, go Braves.

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