Free Thrifting for All!

Dresss: Gem from Gma  I  Blazer:  NY&C  I  Jewels:  Jenaveves  I  Wedges:  Aldo  I  Scarf/Belt:  Gift

Ladies and gent(s?) you may have noticed that the majority of my wardrobe (jewels included) is from my Grandmother.  I don't know how it happened so fast, but it seems that almost every day at least ONE article of clothing is labeled "from the Gma".   I'm such a lucky biznatch.  And honestly,  it couldn't have come at a better time.  I've been so strapped for cash that I've had to start Miming down at the 'Seaport for some extra chedda.  Seriously.  Someone get me out of this box, sad/frowny face... Ok, not seriously, but seriously. Saturday's around noon.

Anyway, going through Grandma's closets/garage is EXACTLY like when you go thrifting and everything is free.  Except that never happens to anyone but me.   And to you  if for some reason you're in my Grandma's garage...which, if you ARE - check the "garage fridge."  She's ALWAYS got soda and chocolate covered vanilla ice cream bars.  Definitely worth the B&E.

Also...I know I somewhat resemble Minnie in this dress.  And of course, it was only AFTER the day had passed with a few wisecracks, that I saw THIS and sighed out a big fat "why didn't I think of that!"


Tiffany said...

Ok, when am I invited to your grandmothers'?? Seriously, she's got the best stuff to give away. Also, I love love love the contrasting dotted scarf-as-belt. It's perfect. I also find myself going the minnie mouse route when I wear red and white dots, so lately I've just been playing to that on purpose. I kind of like the way you scrunched up the hem with your hands in that first pic, this dress might be interesting if you pinned it that way.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Great dress. Let us know when your grandma will be away from home!