It's Not Summer

Skirt: NY&C  I Tank & Belt:  H&M  I  Chambray:  GAP  I  Leatherette:  Target  I  
Tights:  Duane Reade  I  Clogs: Payless  I  Hat:  Thrifted

1.  I wish I had another layer on top of this outfit.  Not because it was cold, but because it's kind of lacking SOMETHING.  I'm envisioning some kind of necklace and either a nice grandpa sweater or maybe a fur stole.  Or both!

2.  Happy Friday(!)  is all I have to say.  Happy, thanks to the fact that I found both this skirt AND top clean in a bag I forgot I stashed in my closet.  Unfortunately, a mini skirt and tank aren't really weather appropriate, but like I've said before, I'm not really good at dressing for weather.  I think my subconscious is still denying the fact that we aren't in California anymore.   And that Bacall's real name is Toto.  Sure, I'll throw on a coat and scarf, maybe a hat and some gloves, when it drops down below "bare leg weather", but I won't ever NOT wear opened toed shoes just because it's snowing.  That's what tights are for.  And hot toddies.   And anyway, it's not like New Yorkers do all that much walking anyway.  So, though it wasn't snowing today, it was balls cold, but I wore my tights and open clogs with pride, and just walked a little faster, which ACTUALLY got me to the liquor store before the Friday after work crowd.  So, in case you weren't paying attention, being inappropriately dressed for cold weather could never be wrong.  

And, because I'm easily entertained...

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Tiffany said...

Holy cow, I love that second to last photo of you in the chair. Gorgeous! The hat is a great addition to this outfit, and those clogs are fabulous. I love finding clothes in my closet that I've forgotten about-such a sweet surprise! I tend to throw my thrifting purchases to the bottom of my alterations pile and forget all about them got months, and when I find them it's like christmas.