i don't know about you, but this weekend i strong armed my friend jon into cutting and dying my hair.  I'm not sure what came over me - but it hit me hard - and not 5 minutes after jon got back from the deli with a six back, my hair was about a foot shorter.  i had just wanted a trim - and a dye, but a slight layering mishap (my fault) led to an awww, fuck it, and here we are!   I'm getting used to it, but you guys, my hair hasn't been this short since i was 10 and my mom had enough with the salt water tangles (we were in hawaii) and took us straight to super cuts (or wherever) and chopped our (my sister and i) butt-length hair right off!  i would hardly say i was traumatized by the experience, but since then i've just always had long hair.  not anymore! (sniff)  just kidding.  whatever,  my ends have been split since 1990.  

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