Work Day

Jeans:  NY&C  I  Chambray:  Target  I  Sweater:  Lanvin from Matt  I Boots:  Thrift I  Necklace: Kohls  I 
Skully:  Gift, J.Crew

So normally, I'm not THIS dressed down at work - i.e. ripped jeans!  However, because the weatherman said we’d get 8-12 inches overnight, I woke up this morning at 6 and ran to the window, hoping by some miraculous chance all I would see was a blanket of snow falling from the sky.  Unfortunately, the sun was rising and there were, at best, 2 inches on the ground.
Dang.   I was going in.  I started to get dressed, put on these turquoise tights, a cute skirt and blouse, threw on a coat and went down to walk the dogs.

For the love of Nancy was it cold outside!

After jumping up and down to keep warm while the dogs sniffed and squatted, I ran upstairs, threw everything off, save the tights, and put on some worn jeans and the warmfiest (warm + comfy) tops I could find.  I threw on my go-to mustard skully for color and the rhinestones for class, and was out the door, hazelnut coffee in hand.  I had planned on changing into one of the 12 pairs of heels/wedges/boots I have under my desk at work, but gave in and kept on these burly boots that I bought a few weeks back for 20 bucks.  Cha-ching.

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myedit said...

The layering is great! I love the contrast of the slouchy hat and the sparkly necklace. Warm and mighty perty!