Helper Monkey

Jeans:  NY&C  I  Tops:  JCrew  I  Boots:  Aldo  I  Jewels:  Gma

Had I woken up earlier than 5 minutes before I needed to leave for work, you would have gotten a belt with this outfit.  Instead,  I took the extra time to do up my braids.  
I knew the belt I wanted, but didn't have enough time to dig for it.  
You know what I need to do?  Train Bacall to sniff out missing (read: buried) pieces.   You know, like a helper monkey. 
THAT way, while I'm doing hair and makeup I can call out to her:  "braided skinny brown belt!" or "black suede booties - LEFT foot!"  or  "favorite white T with mustard stain on left sleeve!"  "no, not THAT one, the OTHER one!"  
And her cuteness would run out and drop each piece by my feet and stare lovingly at me while I tried on belt after top after shoe.  
And THEN after a few weeks (border collies are the smartest) she'd develop her own keen sense of style and start bringing me pieces that SHE thought would work.  
And the outfits would be amazing.  
And we'd be on the news.
And then she'd officially be a service dog. 


Gertrude said...

Aw that was so cute!! Love your hair by the way! x

Tierney said...

I love your lips.

I'm beyond obsessed with red lipstick, so anyone who rocks them regularly gets an A in my book.


Anonymous said...

Great boots!
I love sneaking in a casual day at work mid-week!

kelsey said...

you are adorable. i found you on everybody everywear and i love those shirts and the way you have your jeans cuffed and tucked into your boots. adorable.

BiblioMOMia said...

There's something about stripes that just screams for red lips...such a great mix!

Liz (26 and Counting) said...

Hello hello! Stumbled upon your fabulous blog through EBEW {which ps, thank you for submiting}.

Looking forward to following your blog from now on.

Linda W said...

Your hair is so cute! I love it. And I love the pattern mix. You did both EBEW challenges in one!

The Auspicious Life

Martha said...

Great pattern mixing!

dani said...

Love your mixed prints! I'm definitely going to need to try this gingham-stripe combo! Love the outfit!

Katie said...

Completely crushing on this look and your braids! So, so pretty!

the Citizen Rosebud said...

two of my favorite prints: stripes AND gingham? good lawd! LOVE!
the Citizen Rosebud

Brittney said...

oooh, i'm in love with this. i never would've paired gingham & stripes...but it absolutely works and not only that, it rocks! every detail of your outfit is perfect. love it.
-brittney (my daily outfit blog)