Copycat Stalker

 Skirt, Top, Bracelet:  Gma  I  Boots:  DSW  I  Necklace:  H&M  I  Belt:  NY&C  I  Velvet Blazer:  Thrifted

This is another one of those copycat outfits.  You know the kind, where you wake up uninspired, so you walk around the neighborhood, peekin' in windows to see what outfits are being created, and then run home and do the same?  It makes things so easy.   Except for the fire escapes.  Have you ever tried to jump up and climb onto a fire escape ladder?  Yikes.  Also, 9 times out of 10 you end up running into the person you copied.  If you're anything like me you mumble somethign like, "wow, guess we both got the memo, ha ha"  and walk away quickly. 

Anyway, I was peekin through Beth's window (aka stalking her blog - wow, either way sounds bad) last November and filed this look away into the old gray matter.   Color blocking?  Brilliant!  Hot pink with red?  Incredible! 
I loved this look so much I swaggered. 


Gertrude said...

Colour blocking looks great.. Never tried it though it would make an outfit really interesting! x

Renee B. said...

Love love love hot pink with red!!! I think I'm going to have to try that soon! So cute!