Thrift Finds and Fun Words...

 Dress, Blazer, Fur:  Thrifted  I  Jeans:  NY&C  I  Booties:  Target  I  Necklace:  H&M  I  Bracelet:  Gift

This. dress. is. AMAZING.  The color.  The shape.  The alterations!
I picked it up during a recent thrift trip and have worn it 3 days in a row.  The best part about it, besides the brilliant blue, is the fact that it was once one of those old lady dresses.  You know the one, with the HUGE shoulder pads, gigantic sleeves and falls full, around mid-calf?  The one that is only flattering on the cute old gal that wore it with tan stockings and matching pumps and handbag?
Yeah.  I love that old gal.  You know she worked it.

Enter genius.  Some lovely visionary found this diamond-in-the-rough, picked it up, cut that hemline up to "turtle**,"hacked down the sleeves and created this amazing out-on-the-town dress.  And then for some ridiculous reason donated it back for me to find.  Thanks anonymous genius/visionary/person.

OH and, I've finally found that fur scarf that I've been lusting for forever.  I KNOW you all agree that the best day consists of thrift finds like these. Perfection.

**the Turtle Dress:  I was introduced to this term by my dear friend Tom.  A Turtle Dress is one that is so short you can almost see a girls..."snapper"  
Tom is FULL of gems just like this. 

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