Breton Stripes: Double Take

Good News!  I've JUST been introduced to Everybody, Everywear.  Haven't heard about it? (ok good, I thought I was the last to know! )  So, each month a classic piece, one that most of us have in our closet, is picked and then styled-up and submited by any and all who want to participate.  Today was the day to wear Breton Stripes!  Unforts, because I haven't been paying attention/broken down and started a Twitter, I'm not wearing mine.  (I AM wearing an adult onesie - yes you read that correctly - So stay tuned for THAT post later.) 

However, I was still able to play as I was wearing my Breton's last week.  See a quick peek here or scroll down for the original post.  AND make sure to check out Everybody, Everywear.  What a great idea, no?  I can't wait for the next challenge.    

Breton Stripes & Gingham Shirt:  JCrew  I  Jewels:  Grandmother

1 comment:

Melrose said...

love the layering of striped & plaid... and your hair looks adorable!

I've given you an award btw :)