The Onesie. Size....Adult ?

 Jumpsuit, Cream Sweater & Wicker Belt:  Thrift  I  Booties:  Target  I  Bracelet:  Grandmother

That's right my friends.  That is a onesie.  Or, jumpsuit, if you will.  Don't let the belt fool you.  There is one zipper and just 4 seams.  And it. Is. Amazing.  Damn hard to get in and out of when  you gotta do your business (I had to have Tom unzip and zip me up like 5 times today) but it's a gem alright.  I saw it on the rack and said, no way.  No. way.  I grabbed it and tried it on, mostly for amusement, but as soon as I stepped out of the dressing room and turned around to the mirror, angels sang.  HOW is it possible that a jumpsuit could actually look flattering on a body that's not a size 6 or smaller?  I mean, I even my booty looked good.  And you KNOW 8 times out of 10, rear ends are embarrassed to be in a jumpsuit.  Anyway, this was one of those pieces that was definitely a departure from my normal wears but I can't wait to style it up through the seasons. 


Anonymous said...

Jumpsuit!! Oh,it looks so good! And the wedges I'm wearing are for sale here:
Somehow I knew you'd love them! :)

Anonymous said...

i can't believe this is a jumpsuit, would have never guessed, love it!

Feathers said...

You have just addressed my two main problems with jumpers/rompers. 1. Going to the bathroom is a pain. 2. Finding one your butt looks good in is a definite challenge. Congrats on finding one that is worth the trouble and fits great. For me, the search continues!