Something, something, 70's ?

Red Corduroys:  GAP  I  Blouse, Sweater & Blazer:  Thrift  I  Pumps:  H&M

Poser:  Someone who wears fancy coral pumps for a 5 minute photoshoot, then changes back into big ugly snow boots that may or may not, when paired with red pants, make said person look like Santa from the waist down.  

I felt slightly 70's-chic today.  Do you see it?  I think it was the parted hair, camel blazer and corduroy pants.  No?  Ok, imagine if these corduroy pants were high waisted and my pumps were platforms.  And, how about if there was a disco ball hanging from the ceiling.  Oh and Richard Nixon and Bianca Jagger were sitting right there on that couch talking about the world's first microprocessor and...Pong?  Do you see it now?  

Ah, forget it.  I just Googled all that stuff anyway.   I'm just glad the 70's are back - in fashion...

Also,  Red + Camel + Turquoise = my new obsession.

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Mallory said...

you are BEAUTIFUL! i love this look and your hair :)