Beatles & Blouses

Blouse & Skirt:  Thrift  I  Belt & Booties:  Target

I love the juxtaposition of this outfit (YEAH big words!)  The fierce leather mini and animal print belt paired with the very lady-like, Victorian-esque blouse?  High neck, billowy sleeves, PEARL buttons?!?!  How do you NOT buy this piece?  I love it.  I love it I love it I love it.  And we all know, all you need is love.  Forget that.  All you need is this blouse!  All you need is this blouse.  All you need is the blau-au-au-ause.  This blouse is all you need.  Ahem. 

I can't wait to wear this piece again.  I think it'd be great fun with a pair of slouchy, distressed jeans and some pretty flats.  Or platforms!  OOOOH.  Weekend brunch-fit. 

Disclaimer:  When wearing a blouse with billowy sleeves as such, make sure it fits loose in the shoulder as the urge to walk around gracefully raising and lowering arms is strong. 


joanna said...

I love this outfit--the mix of the top and skirt is fantastic! Any suggestions for good thrifting spots? I live in NY and Im always so overwhelmed by all the gazzilions of stores that I dont even know where to begin--you on the other hand always seem to find such adorable stuff!

Ashley said...

beatles and blouses! LOVVVVE it!!!

Melina said...

Wow, that top is fantastic! The detailing around the buttons is beautiful. Love how fresh it looks paired with leather.

xx Melina
.but i like it.


Love those pictures, especially the detail shot. AND I love that outfit, wow that blouse is just divine. Loving how you have styled it. xx veronika