Confused Chaos

Dress:  Thrift  I  Belts:  Jenaveve's  I  Tights:  AA  I  Heels:  Target

 I'm trying really hard to organize my thoughts for this post.  There are so many different directions I could go in.  For instance, I'm playing around with an inspiration topic; like, how this red and turquoise combination was inspired by a combination of a snapshot from the Sartorialist and Fendi's new ad campaign.  OR,  how I kind of feel like an inverted Raggedy Ann doll.  And even at times, Smurfette.  OR,  I could shelve that idea and just go with how I have the cutest dog ever.  OR, how hard I tried to get Chris to ghost write this post for me since he was the one who took the photos.   See?  There are so many options. 


Anonymous said...

una combination muy buena

Ramsey said...

You are such a cute little thing! And that puppy dog is sup err precious!!