Exciting News!

(Or, maybe... That statement is somewhat subjective) 

Anyway, Clothes For Sale Soon!!  That's right.  Jenaveve and I have had some long discussions, over many cokes, whiskeys, egg rolls and episodes of Castle, and have come to the following conclusions:  1) we have too many clothes, 2) we want more clothes 3) we should sell the clothes we have to make room for the newest members of our closets.

Enter:  EXIT 248.  That's right!  We are in the process of starting a little (very little) ebay shop where we'll reluctantly sell some of our fantastic pieces (again subjective).   I'll be sure to let you know when the shop is up and running, but in the meantime, these are some of the gems I'm parting with.   xoxo!

(Caution: It was a fun play on words, but don't ENTER an EXIT.  I know, it sounds like a good idea, and would probably get a bajillion hits on the YouTube, but its mostly dangerous, so try not to - unless its our new online shop.  duh.  Same goes for traffic cirlces.)


Danielle said...

I loooove that blue mini dress. can't wait to try and snag it for myself!

joanna said...

Im so excited! I love so many of the adorable outfits you wear on the blog so I'll be curious to see what's put up in the shop :)