Delayed Crocheted

Shell & Boots:  Thrift  I  White T:  Target:  CutOffs:  American Eagle  I  Necklace:  H&M  I  
Tights:  Duane Reade  I Bracelet:  GIFT!
These pictures are actually from that glorious weekend I spent upstate.  Yes...the same pictures I had planned on posting awhile back but got too (insert something OTHER than too lazy) to do.  Either way, I LOVE these photos.  Not only do they show a fun, relaxed outfit, but they capture an amazing weekend in time.  These photos were taken after 4 hours of  shoveling/playing in snow.  Clarification:  shoveling /playing in SLEDDING TRACKS.   We literally created 2 beautiful sledding tracks in 4 feet of snow.  Tracks MADE for racing.  Tracks RIVALING a Cool Runnings Toboggan track.  We  literally spent hours and hours and hours sledding down these tracks.   Feet first, face first (boys), standing up like snowboarders (boys) sideways, etc etc.   I should also mention that yours truly dug and raced in panty hose, cutoffs and snow boots.  I'm still deciding if this is something you should admire or ridicule.  Whatevs.  I had a blast.   Also, I LOVE this crochet shell. 

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Jen said...

great outfit i love all the layers! love the blog too :)