Best Friends Forever...4-Eva

{red cords & trench:  gap  I  black top:  h&m  I  heels: target  I scarf:  thrift/ rachel roy  I}

happy monday!  these are from last week, but all the same... you remember that move fear with reese witherspoon and marky mark (sans funky bunch)? when mm carved  nicole 4-eva on his chest?  anytime i see or type "4-eva" images of that scene flash through my head and i get the willies.  definitely gotta remember to cue that one up.  anyway, that's me and bacall.  best friends forever, 4-eva.  

i also felt supa fierce in this outfit.  i think it was the high, high heels and vibrant red pants paired with the dramatic drape of this top/dress.  i always feel like half of a bat when i wear it.  bat-chic.  starting a trend ladies...jump on it. 


Mitzi said...

Hahaha that's hilarious, now I'm going to picture that scene every time I see "4-eva" too!
You look great, love the red pants and those heels are amazing! Bacall is such a cutie too :D
M xo

islabell said...

whats up red pants?!! ahhh! you pull them off so well. and your shoes are perfect......4-eva!


Meagan @ Style-Edition said...

just found you via "everybody everywhere" Love your blog! I have the same red pants. check out my post if you need more inspiration :)