pink lips & bardot hair

 {jeans: ny&c  I  gingham top:  jcrew  I  blazer: thrift  I  boots:  dsw}

hel-LO pink lips!  kat von d sure knows her stuff, right?  i got this shade {backstage bambi} awhile back and was so sad when i lost like two days later.  lucky for you i found it at the bottom of an old purse.  shabang.

also...i had a mini break through with jenaveves g12 that would make any guy or gal who takes pictures of themselves daily swoon...  a setting within the self timer function that allows you to take as many pictures as you want!  so like,  you say "in 10 seconds, i want the camera to take 25 pictures."  and then you hold down the button, run into place, fix your hair, shake it out, run through a few "how now brown cows" and in ten seconds the camera proceeds to shoot 25 times!  i know.  no need for another person to help, a remote OR a fan to keep you cool from all the running back and forth.  it's quite possible that i'm the last person on the planet to find this function, but i'll still tell everyone i know.  

...the only awkward part is that now you know that i was alone and laughing at nothing in that first picture. 

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