inaugural "in her closet"

happy friday everyone!  thank god today is here. the week started off fantastically with a lovely bday,  but took a downhill turn with a cold, fever and other unfortunate, boring events.    but things are looking up!    here’s why:
1) because I just booked a much needed trip to Vegas with Chris. eeek!
2) because of THIS inspirational post
3) because my girl scout cookies came
4) a new idea! {keep reading}

so, i always love when i come across a post dedicated to showcasing other bloggers.   there are SO many of you out there and it rocks my world when i come across someone i sartorially relate to.   or, wanna relate to.   or really, lets be honest, someone i just want to crawl through the monitor to, give a hug and ask for an invite into her closet.       hence, the new  (and hopefully regular)  feature “Give Me a Hug and Show Me Your Closet.”   just kidding.   let’s just call it the “In Her Closet” feature.   hopefully you’ll find these gals as inspirational as i do. commence ribbon cutting…

PresentingIslabell of A Fine Day for Sailing.  this gal right here is my newest obsession.  not only is she a transplant from scottland to san fran (hometown holler) but she's super adorable and totally relatable.   she’s also got a wicked sense of "modern vintage" style thats kinda retro, kinda sweet, and kinda awesome.  just look at her!  girl crush alert.    anyway – go on over to A Fine Day for Sailing and check out more.
{all images from a fine day for sailing}

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islabell said...

Ahhh! Katie! you are too sweet. Thank you so much for this lovely feature. Made my day.