Long Lost in Floral

{Skirt & Belt:  Thrift  I  Tank:  H&M  I  Loafers:  Bass  I  Sweater:  Ruelala  I  Necklaces: Gma}

holy crap/mother of blank it's been like forever since i last made a post.   you are correct if you thought i fell of the face of the earth these last few weeks.  it was a long fall, and my belly was full of butterflies, but here we are.  together again.  

oookay fine. i didn't fall off the face of anything.  the stars, unfortunately, just haven't lined up right and outfit pictures havent' happened.  ok, that and i've been busy watching medium.   and creating a medium drinking game.  everytime allison wakes up gasping from a nightmare...SHOT!  gasp...awake!  SHOT!  after a week of watching/playing medium, i feel like i've spent a week in vegas.  walking hangover.  har har.  SPEAKING OF VEGAS!  i'll be meeting up with chris there this wednesday - and then to kentucky for a weekend wedding.  i pinky swear to make him take pics so i can post while out.  no betting against that pinky swear behind my back.  

oh, also - this is me in thrifted florals!  love love love this skirt.  and THAT is a tank top and light sweater!  the weather was glorious and this getup was the perfect outfit for a quick shopping trip to soho to help chris find a best man suit for the wedding and stop by my friend zach jewelery table.  gals in ny - go check him out - spring & wooster.  he's at the turquoise table. 

Also - just updated a ton of pieces to Exit 248.  Check em out breezies!  xoxo 

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