{dress:  gap  I  loafers:  bass  I  tights:  the duane reade  I  puppy naya:  zachs}

how darling is miss naya?  between all three dogs, naya is definitely the class clown of the bunch.  i brought all three of them up to the roof with me for these pics, tripod in hand.  they ran like bandits until i was done which is always a pleasure to watch.  however, when it was time to go back downstairs naya wanted nothing to do with it.  as soon as bacall and henry got into the stairwell naya made a run for it.  picture the scene:  2 dogs - one big, one little - sitting inside the door.   outside the door walks a little black and white puppy who JETS as soon as she realizes no more roof play time.  follow that with full grown crazy woman, tripod under her arm,  sprinting after little dog.  how embarrassing.

after about 4 minutes of making a fool of myself i stopped, gained my composure and tried to outsmart  her with BYE NAYA, we're leaving without yoooou!  this was sure to work, right?  it works on little kids anyway.  no luck.  dammit.   this little dog is smarter than all that.   follow with another few minutes of me trying to chase her down with bribes of cookies and steak.  delicious steak, wrapped in bacon, no less.  nope.    finally i try to lure her by bringing bacall and henry back out.   sure enough she ran right for her bff's (this little girls is smart AND love s her friends.  the perfect package.)  for more play.     GOTCHYA!  scooped that little breezy up and we were home free.  

having 3 dogs is the best....form of exercise.  seriously. 

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