Room For Rent

i really need to figure out how to get outside and get some pictures taken.  either that, or how to take better INDOOR pictures.  especially since this little room wont be vacant forever...hopefully.  see, we're currently searching for a new roommate.  know anyone?  do you or any of your friends want to sleep in a loft bed?  are any of them 21?  wait, that sounded weird.  21 for the purpose of being willing to sleep in a loft bed...not because secretly I want to be a quirky old bag who wears all her jewelery at once and has a young pool man that sleeps in a loft bed.    wait, what?

so this it.  the blue with the black & white stripes!  it was another last minute throw down, but i loved it all day. 

dress:  mom's!
blouse:  thrift - buy now?
belt:  thrift
boots:  shoe woo
tights n bracelet:  target


Renee B. said...

Love the dress and shirt combo! So cute!

Melina said...

I adore how you mix textures and patterns! Love that dress and those boots are fantastic!

xx Melina