A Bright Idea

do you ever begrudgingly wake up in the morning to the sound of your alarm (wait, of course you do) and instead of getting up like an adult,  figure out what you can cut out of your morning routine to stay in bed another 10 minutes? (please say yes) well, that was me this morning.   when i woke up i thought if i quickly mentally picked out an outfit, thereby skipping the normal time i take changing 17 times before feeling good enough to run out the door, i could have at least another 10-15 minutes.  FORTUNATELY, this is the outfit i picked!  UNFORTUNATELY,  i fell back asleep.  for another hour and a half.  all i had time for was a quick tooth brush and outfit assembly and i was STILL late.  i'm starting to think i should keep a stash of clothes at work so i can cut that process out altogether.  my office would sort of be the equivalent to my car.  when i had a car.  i think i might be on to something here...
skirt & blazer:  thrift
top:  forever 21
tights, earrings & booties:  target
belt:  jenaveve
bracelet:  chris' mom

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cryskay said...

love your tights! xo