Honeysuckle & Henry!!

Introducing...HENRY!  This handsome little monster is the newest addition to our family.  Jenaveve drove all the way up to Connecticut to rescue him from a kill shelter.  Apparently he is a Alaskan Malamute/Shepherd/Collie mix!  Bacall is Shepherd/Collie, so our little Brooklyn loft will be FULL of life and BIG dogs.  We can't get enough of little Hank at the moment and Puppy TV is on 24/7.  Bacall is a little aggressive, growling and tossing him around, but she'll get used to her new baby bro and eventually teach him all her well-mannered (ahem) ways. Between Bacall, Naya and Henry, summer camping trips are going to be amazing.  There's nothing better than taking long hikes, swimming in lakes and sitting by campfires with dogs having a blast right there with you.

Also - loving this dress again!  Pairing it with this navy gingham top was a bit of unexpected fun.  Are you loving it too?  Don't forget Jenaveve and I have our new shop, Exit 248.  Check this dress out HERE!

Dress & Belt:  Thrift
Tights & Necklace: Target
Platforms:  Payless
Earrings:  Gift from Matthew (heart)


Melina said...

That color is great and I love that your paired it with gingham! It gives it a little bit of a retro vibe. Also, cutest puppy ever! I'm super jealous of those camping/hiking trips in your future. =]

xx Melina

Melrose said...

I'm loving the little bit of plaid poking out! too cute!

And I LOVE HENRY! He's adorable!

Jess said...

Your dogs are so cute! I love the pairing of the dress and the gingham shirt! Very cute combo!