Bruised but Worth It

 Fuschia Dress, Fur, Belt:  Thrift  I  Necklace:  Gma  I  Tights:  H&M  I  Heels:  Target

Apologies for the lack of proper warning on the upskirt in that first photo.  For that reason alone I could never be a celebrity.  Even with slacks on I'm no where near graceful getting in out of my limo.   At least I have a limo.  Snap!  Ok, not really, I have a bright white carriage that looks like a pumpkin and is driven by mice.  Or a horse?  Either way, the point of this story is that this dress is awesome.  It jumped right off the rack and smacked me in the face as I was walked by.  Fortunately, the bruise it left fit right in with the delicious fuschia and blue hues of this getup. 


Gertrude said...

Love the colour of the dress! And you look gorgeous in the first picture :) x

Bows and Pearls

Brenna said...

Love the dress, girlie!!

B :0 )