Zigs & Zags & Zack Morris

Dress:  Thrift  I  Heels:  Target  I  Tights:  the Duane Reade  I  Necklaces:  Various Sources

The next time I wear this dress I think I'm going to try and layer it up a bit more.  You know, to add a little sum'n sum'n.  Yeah, I just said it.  Those two little words (in addition to "hubba, hubba") are my favorite.  Especially when said with a certain "sizin it up" look in your eye.  And that eye is looking at a fantastic sequined dress, or some giant platforms, or a sandwhich.  Anyway, back to layering.  I just have to sit here between now and then and figure out how I'm gonna do it.  I COULD have worn a belt, but the blousy-ness of the top half would have been obstructed, leading to a day full of uncomfortable tugging, shifting and boob adjusting.  Maybe if it was a giant belt!

I do love the dress though.  The color...wowza!  And the pattern, with its zigs and zags and squiggles and 3's.  It's like a crazy marriage between the Flintstones and the patterns that vibrated and jumpted around during the opening sequece of Saved by the Bell.  Or, to be more sophisticated, it looks like abstract art.  Something you'd find at the MOMA.  Right?  Does that make sense?  Is this thing on?  I should have googled abstract, art, and MOMA before writing this post.

Anyway, in other news.  It was 60 today!  I CARRIED my coat into work.  What the WHAT?  I know.   Here's hoping for a coat-free weekend.  Maybe I'll take a trip to that museum.


Tiffany said...

Love the dress, love the print, love the color, love the accessories. I would have been drawn to that dress in the thrift store, I might have even fought you for it. I think a giant belt would be fabulous, or if you're the diy type, maybe shorten it just a tad? Or wear it as a dress for a while, then separate the two and make a pencil skirt and blouse. These are just thoughtful suggestions. If you leave it as it is, I'll still love it. You had me at Zack Morris

Anonymous said...

the colour of your dress is so gorgeous and the necklace is a perfect accent.

hehe saved by the bell - best show ever! so many afternoons spent watching that. oh Zach - what a hottie lol

xo denj


Melina said...

Haha, I love it! Who needs comparisons to abstract art when you have Saved by the Bell?? I really love the cut and pattern of the dress. Great thrift find. Also, I can't even believe those heels are from Target. Amazinggg.

xx Melina
.but i like it.

Monica said...

Love this shoot with the tiles on the floor or magazine... whatever it is it works and I LOVE IT! This dress color is great. Maybe for the layering you could do a wild pattern clash with a leopard or cheetah cardigan?
following, follow me back?

Danielle said...

ha, I love Hubba Hubba too! As a kid, Baywatch was my FAVORITE show (weird, I know) and my Dad taught us all how to say 'hubba hubba' whenever they showed a pretty girl.... which was basically every scene.