Cheap Storage

{leatherette:  target  I  jeans:  ny&c  I  top:  thrift  I  wedges:  f21}

do you need jewelery?  photos taken?  a painting for your wall?  hit up CHEAP STORAGE STUDIOS in bushwick, bk for all your photo-jewelery-painting needs.  

except seriously.  these boys (my boyzo's) can do it their living room.  AND they're all hot.  and have a dog.  and a cat, if you're into that.  but seriously, (gratuitous plug coming...) when you visit cheap storage studios in bushwick, bk you can pose for a photo by matt while zach makes you a custom necklace and myles paints you nude....or not nude.   or nude.  why not?    oh and if jon is there, he'll play you a tune. 

ok, one more "or".  OR, you could just come over and hang out with our awesome dogz:


Tiffany said...

um, hi, those wedges are HOT. I love the overall vintage look of this outfit. And whatever filter you used is great. Location too. It's all awesome.

Anonymous said...

Great photos and cute styling. I have to say though my favorite is that you are hilarious. I love your writing style! Very easy to read. I'm going to follow!


Melina said...

Love your jacket! Perfect for spring! And those wedges are really adorable. I also really love the vintage feel of these photos. Gorgeous!

xx Melina

The Daily Fashionista said...

The shoes are drop dead gorgeous!! I love them! And your pictures are gorgeous too! I love the outfit and the pups seems to be really enjoying themselves too:)

Feeona said...

Lovely Post! That second last photo is so nice (-: