The Half Button Up

{jeans:  gap  I wedges:  f21  I   blazer, purse & blouse:  thrift  I  belt:  h&m  I  earrings:  chris' mama}

this shirt might be my favorite thrift find ever.  or one of my favorites anyway after looking at my floor and seeing the large pile of "favorite finds."  you should seriously consider hiring me to be your personal organizer.  not only can i organize your much loved items into perfect piles, but i assemble them in a way that doubles as a dog bed.  you're. welcome.

anyway, this blouse.  its cream.  and vintage.  and has lace panels in the front that give a tasteful peak at skin, which means me + this top = made for eachother.  i wore it last week, because like i said -  in love - but wore it buttoned up to the neck.  today, i went with the half button-up, at which chris just shook his head when i tried to explain that one more button would be "too buttoned up."  i know you know what i mean and really,  it's not even that revealing - unless you're standing OVER me looking down or maybe from a few feet away or ok, even from the side but DEFINITELY not if you're standing below me,  so, win.   and since we're on the subject, now looking at these pictures i think he may have been drunk cause i look TOTALLY buttoned up and professional.*****

ps.  also, vevalicious got me these wedges for my bday.  they're almost flatforms and kind of hard to walk in and i sound like ba-clunk ba-clunk ba-clunk ba-clunk when i walk, but i love them.

****ok fine.  maaaaybe i was the drunk one and may have had to do up an extra button after one too many "dude my face is up here"'s


Renee B. said...

Adore the colors in this outfit! And I agree...that shirt is pretty fab. Jealous of your thrift find, I am I am:)

Anonymous said...

I need to know if I could score a pair of these earrings?

Shellena said...

I LOVE your blouse & blazer!

Tiffany said...

love your color blocking and that blazer is FABULOUS and that out-of-focus photo is badass.