tuesday perfection

i know this has been reposted from here to eternity, but i think it's beautiful enough for another run. 

back in april Garance Dore**  posted  Cisco In White.   when i saw it i died.  literally.  when i came to i dabbed at the drool on my chin (like a lady) and mustered a simple wow.  i mean - seriously.  i could spend days in this.  it's so chic and causal, on trend and functional, oh yeah, and badass. 

and lets not forget the beauty of the photograph itself.   perfection.  
**I should mention that chris introduced me to Garance Dore.  can you believe it?  he name dropped her on our very first date when I told him I was into fashion, street style and style blogs (before I had one of my own that is.) talk about a man who knows his isht.   high five to me!

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