Kentucky Weddings

 katie:  {dress, bag & belt:  thrift  I  shoes:  target  I  ring:  chris' mama}
chris:  {suit:  h&m  I  boots:  luchesse  I  tie:  hermes}

i think the best part about the event – besides the wedding itself - was that my entire ensemble was vintage/thrift - except for the shoes, which were target, so, close enough.  literally though, i spent $40 max on this when i had expected to shell out at least $100 for a dress...and then of course i would have had to buy shoes because that’s the rule and then probably some jewelry and maybe a bag and then that skirt that was hanging there next to the dress calling my name because I could totally wear it on the trip home and like, all the time.  except, then i reminded myself that 1) duh, i have a clothing shop that I can pull from and 2) THIS dress and 3) the rest is history. 

but back to the wedding – chris played best man in this fantastic h&m suit that has brilliant feux leather elbow patches.  the wedding – which was literally almost 100% beautifully diy (the bride is amazing) - took place in a downtown lexington colonial on a perfect sunday morning.  the ceremony was perfectly non-traditional (a friend became a priest online to marry them - or however thats done) and the champagne toast before sending the newlyweds off on an irish honeymoon was the ideal finale.    

ps. i was told upon arrival that my choice in attire was a perfect kentucky unviersity blue (totally on purpose).  go...wildcats... is it?
{thanks to aidrian for being our photo-taker for the day}



Lovely photos :)

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Awhhh so sweet! x hivenn

Tiffany said...

ahh you two look so snazzy! I love that first photo with the blue ring and OK THAT BLUE DRESS IS AWESOME and you look amazing in it. And virtual high five for the almost all-thrift outfit.