Time Traveller

{jeans:  gap  I  top:  thrift  I  shoes:  f21  I  belt:  ny&c  I  earrings:  chris' mama}

i'd like to wear this outfit everyday.  all day, everyday, all night every night.  on one hand it was kinda weird walking around - midtown manhattan especially - in an outfit THIS dated.  dont get me wrong, i'm totally into it when people look me up and down all confused-like because lets face it i kiiiiiind of looked like i may or may not have popped right out of a time portal from the 70's all bewildered and like, whoa why are everyone's jeans so skinny and why isn't everything cross processed and like, peace....man.  no war.  can i hitch a ride to frisco?  but really, the point of this post is that bell-bottoms are awesome.  


Melrose said...

bellbottoms ARE awesome! and I adore anything 70s inspired. your wedges are amazing and so are the details on that blouse!

Renee B. said...

I have these jeans toooooooo! I love them! So fun playing dress up, which is how I feel when I put them on. Definitely a blast from the past!