Elaine Marie Benes

{dress:  thrift  I  socks & belt:  target  I  shoes:   bass  I  earrings:  chris' mama}

i cant stop wearing these earrings.  chris' mom gave them to me last summer and sometime between then and now, with a few wears in between, these glorious turquoise jammies ended up at the bottom of my earring drawer.  after a squeal upon my re-discovery, followed by a personal flog for forgetting i owned such gems (is that even possible?  yes, right?), i put them on and promised to never let them go again.  they're lovely, no?  

also, though you can really only see the full effect in the first picture,  the socks plus loafers plus dress plus shoulder pads in said dress made me feel like elaine benes.  you see it, right?  throoow back. 

also, i heart this picture:

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Renee B. said...

You are just so pretty girl!! Love these photos!! xoxo