Trashy Gal

 {top:  thrifted  I  loafers:  bass  I  skirt:  gap}

i love this outfit.  this top/dress (which you can buy here and that i've worn before here) is such an amazing color.  the sleeves are fun and big and flowy and the skirt is shiny.  how can you not love that combo.   also, though i didn't get a respectable close upshot, my mother made me this bracelet on a recent camping trip.  i'm never taking it off ever.  which is funny i say that cause i was just telling my friend yejin that my toe ring is the same one my mom bought for me back when i started college. (long ago)  she got one to match, but for some reason doesn't wear it.  is it just me or is it weird that i'm talking about a toe ring?  i feel like i read somewhere recently that they went out of style.  how can a toe ring be out of style?  you know what went out that i loved, ankle bracelets.  man, i wore those things like they were going out of style....oh wait....

{sidenote:  i just asked jenaveve if she ever wore an ankle bracelet and her reply:  "what, like when i was a kid?  like now?  maybe if i were dressing up like a gypsy, or a trashy...."  i didn't let her finish}


Anonymous said...

Know what? I love it too! Blue top is fab, it is so bright and the fabric looks so rich! don't think toe rings are out of fashion, if you like it rock it!

Cess O. <3
The Outfit Diaries

Melina said...

Love the color of that top! So bright and fun. This location is perfect for photos too.

xx Melina