Bright Ideas...


you guys...i've had mine now for about 2 months and can't begin to tell you, though i think most of you already know, how rad it is - seriously if you dont have one do whatever it takes to get a board.  personally, at this point  i'm more of a board follower than a pinner, probably because my attention span is pretty short and the computer is never fast enough to pin at the rate that i'm screaming at it to, but i'm getting there.  this gem of a picture is just one of many that i've marked (and then tossed into picnik and edited)!    though at times overwhelming, the idea of and execution of this site is ridiculously inspirational.

seriously, get a board.
and then send me the link so i can follow and repin all your glorious finds. 
here are mine...


Laura said...

So funny that I find your blog this morning (via twitter of course) and this is the first post I see, because I just joined about 5 minutes ago! Lol. I am already hooked. I love that I have a place now to organize all my "daydreaming"

I don't really have any fabulous finds yet, but if you feel like following I hope to eventually have some!

Ellie said...

This seems perfect! I'm definitely going to check this out!!
Have a great day :)

Elaine said...

I'm on there too! Isn't it amazing??