Blogger, Shimmy & Porkslap

 {dress:  grandma  I  loafers: bass  I  belt:  thfift  I  leatherette:  target}

pinche blogger.  this was posted the other day but got SNATCHED right out of thin air by blogger.  unfortunately, this means all my wise and witty words have been flung into the ether, never to be heard again.  i do remember telling you about how i shimmied, tied and tucked up this dress.  and i probably said something about porkslap.  because porkslap beer is all i can think about right now. 


Stef / Diversions said...

I did some reposting too certain the first version had been a literary masterpiece until the draft returned into my account. meh.

Love the way you tied your dress - gives it a whole different edge. Awesome!

Anonymous said...

You are so gorgeous and hilarious. I can't believe blogger just nipped your post! I have heard they do that sometimes. I have a friend who they froze her whole page! You look so feminine and pretty in this dress. I am so glad I follow! I agree with Stef the tie part of the dress is so chic. I'm on chictopia too so I am going to try and add you as a friend so I can follow both

Girl about town.... said...

Love the dress, the knot is a whole different way to wear, looks awesome!


Girl about Town XxX

Laura said...

Love the dress and that jacket looks awesome!! So sorry to hear about the blogger snatch :(

Ruby Girl said...

lovely outfit. you look charming! i really adore the twist. <3