EBEW: Floral Phone In

{skirt & belt:  thrift  I  loafers:  bass  I  sweater:  ruelala  I  tank:  h&m  I  chains:  gma}

happy tuesday!  happy may and happy everybody, everywear ...day.   
ok that was a lame attempt at a rhyme but it's all i've got.  i also hesitantly admit that today i'm sort of phoning this one in.  see, i had planned on wearing this super cute modcloth-esque floral dress that was...perfection.   seriously, it is the perfect mid-thigh length, bright colored, over-sized pattern, fun tie at the waist, great sleeves - dress that i snatched up from the thrift a few days ago.  i had also planned on losing 15 lbs in order to fit in it BY today, but apparently 4 days isn't enough time to lose that much weight.  pshh.  maaaybe i should think about re-considering purchases that are 3 sizes...not my size?  maybe.  

anyway, i wasn't going to let this major oversight get in my way of participating (i LOVE participating) so i thought i'd try a re-post - i hope you don't mind.    plus, i LOVE this skirt, love these loafers and love this look.  

i also love everybody, everywear so go check out how the other gals styled up their florals!   


Anonymous said...

I think you look gorgeous. There's always so much pressure to loose weight, I feel it too. I love this look anyway, you look so pretty and spriny! Love it!


thatdamngreendress said...

heh...I hate that about finding gorgeous one-of-a-pieces! argh. I love the simplicity of the tank and braided belt with this skirt. I was planning on wearing a similar long blue skirt but actually couldn't find it in my overstuffed closet last night...;(

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Love the skirt...you can do so much with it!!

Melina said...

I love the combination of skirt and loafers! Such a casual cute look. I also really like that belt! I feel like it could literally go with everything.

xx Melina

LyddieGal said...

what a fun thrift find! I think all thrifted skirts are tiny, because people just used to be so much smaller.

Chic on the Cheap

Zach said...

I think the green (alter ego perhaps) fetus deserves some mentioning. Oh yeah, and you look Fab!!!

Bre said...

Um.. yes, I think you should refrain from buying things that too big or too small. I know it's hard because you see sth and it's like you must have it but just walk away. You look super cute no matter what and that is such a great (faux) fur coat in the background.


Gorgeous!! I'm absolutely in love with that floral print. And I'm loving the way that you've styled it, the belt is such a lovely touch, and the loafers are so sweet. xx veronika

Cathy said...
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