Can I "Ya'll"?

 {dress:  alanna / topshop  I  shoes:  payless  I  necklace:  hallelu  I  bracelet:  gma}

veve and i went up to the west side the other night to hang with our girl alanna and pick through her closet for some exit 248 inventory.  it was here that i scored this red dress.  it's topshop ya’ll.  i was stunned when i found it at the bottom of a bag and quickly scolded alanna for giving it up, but shes right, it’s kind of a tricky one - especially for glamazons like she and i.  while the color and lace are quite lovely, the shape and drape are borderline mumu.  i’ve got on my highest heels to help balance out all of this material but not quite sure what else, besides jewels i could have done with it.  if i had her skillz i would’ve layered like beth jones  (ha,sounds like a song lyric) but for now i’m going to let the color of the dress carry the entire outfit.  maybe next time i’ll throw some leopard or or this fantastic green  into the mix. 

sidenote:  am i allowed to say  “y’all”?  veve and chris are both from texas so ya’llz are flying around my face like, whoa.  plus i totally hear people NOT from northern california say "HELLA"  (i am – napa in the house) so i think its an even trade.

actually, strike that.  no one should say hella.


Playing Hooksies said...

The floral lace detailing makes that dress so unique! lovely :)

augustalolita said...

gorgeous dress <3 love the color on you!!