Scissor Hands & West Side Rooftops

{slip, vest & belt: thrift  I  wedges: f21  I  heart pin: made by gma}

so after my earlier rant about not having the time to take outfit pictures because of something maybe somewhat important and definitely not due to laziness/disorganization,  i decided to put my good friend alanna to use and make her take my picture on her upper west side apartment roof - hence the manhattan view as opposed to the brooklyn view behind me.  
which leads me to an important topic...
when a steel beam tells you not to step on it, don't step on it.  i'm not sure why, i wasnt shocked or anything,  but i hope i don't wake up with some sort of crazy ridiculous mutation.   with my luck any mutation that comes my way will be totally worthless, like an extra bellybutton or oars for arms or avocados that hang from my ears like earrings - which, actually might be fun and retro and delicious - but what i'd really like is a built-in kickstand or 2 legs that i can fold out and lean or sit on anytime, anywhere.  or scissors for fingers, of course:

i know i'm rolling my eyes at myself too.


Nikki said...

oh my, this pink dress is amazing! And I love the vieuw in the backgrounds :) your friend must have the most awesome appartment! x

Jen - House Of Jeffers said...

The scenerey makes for a great photo... and your dress as well! Love this look!


Playing Hooksies said...

wowzahs what a view. also, great shot of your shoes. love them!