Go Beach

{dress:  alanna  I  plaid blouse:  thrift  I  gray top:  CSULB  I  wedges:  f21}
fun fact about this outfit... i HATED it this morning.  the original outfit i had dreamed up looked pretty terrible and since it was 830 i had to figure something else out.  i ended up with this simple, but great black slip dress (no, really, its actually a dress) and then this multi-colored striped top.  I threw it on un-buttoned, opted out of a belt and was on my way.  halfway through my ride into work i caught a glimpse of myself in the train window and retracted in horror.  oh good lord, i said to the woman next to me, can you BELIEVE what i'm wearing?  no, she said, i can't.  as soon as i got into work i ran into the bathroom to try whatever i could to get this shirt/dress combo to work.  nothing.   finally i tore through my gym bag to see what i had...

i thought a little man repeller visual "step by step layering" action would be fun for this:

1.  this is the boring beginning.  just okay.

2.  this is actually an old college t - GO BEACH - that I turned inside out.  

3.  i ended up cutting a v at the neck so i could have a little blouse necklace action, rolled up the sleeves & folded the blouse up over.  the bottom was a bit rough, so i folded the gray T way up under and tied the blouse above my hips.  voila.  much better.   i just wish that lady on the train was here to see me now.
 ps.  i made that lady up.  or maybe it was actually, like, my own black swan.

oh god....


Brandon said...

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Anonymous said...

Wow - what an amazing transformation! I love that you re-styled on the fly & it came out so great. Also, those shoes are super!

Tiffany said...

SHUT UP. I love this. I love how you took a bad outfit and turned it around with random findings on the way to work, that is ingenuity and a mark of true style. talk about MAKE IT WORK! I love that you cut a little v to peek the button up through. Also, fabulous wedges. Love em.

Dresses for Dinner said...

Love the shirt combination! Such a simple way to make an ordinary outfit fun and excting.