{top/smock:  thrift  I  jeans:  ny&c  I  wedges:  f21  I  pink belt:  h&m  I  heart pins:  gma}
this is one of those "keepin it easy, keepin it minimal,  keepin it simple stupid...sasquatch" kind of outfits.  easy jeans, easy but adorable top, easy shoes.  easy peasy.   can you tell i don't really have anything to talk about again?   i'll move on to save you from more random words strung together.

oh, got something:  im wearing two little hearts made by my grandma.  everyone in town has one.  you go to church on sunday or to the grocery store on tuesday or the liquor store any day ending in -y, wherever really - during any holiday,  and over half of the people you run into have on one of her sparkly hearts, or sparkly christmas trees, or sparkly pumpkins.  sparkly things bring people together.  they make people happy.  so i guess my grandma is kind of like a.........sparkly-happy-people-gatherer-maker.   go grandma.

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Stef / Diversions said...

Love those mushrooms :) Such a cute top!