On Vanity...

{skirt:  gap  I  top:  h&m  I  blazer:  exit 248  I  shoes:  target)

have you ever mixed red wine with seltzer?  on the rocks?  it's delicious.  AND almost prevents red wine lips and teeth!  okay, it's not completely preventative, but it's enough.  that's really my main problem with red wine.  it tastes pretty delicious and makes me feel pretty...no, VERY good, but damn if it doesn't make me look like i just sucked on a neck (pop culture vampire reference...check.)

my point you guys, is that i'm vain.  and in the war between pretty good red wine and my vanity, vanity wins.  every time.

except when there's nothing else to drink.  then it's anyone's game.

sidenote:  the war between red wine and my vanity really exists and is probably on the same level as say, the war against bed bugs... but lower than the war against zombies.


Anonymous said...

ha! you are funny! but i do agree with you. red tongue/teeth/lips...not attractive, in the least. it's sort of like when i eat a blue raspberry sucker or sno cone...i look like the living dead for about two hours, but hey...sometimes you just need a blue raspberry sno cone. or red wine.

Melina said...

Haha, this totally made my day! Even though I'm more of a white wine gal anyway. Love all the red; red blazer, red stripes... you really can't go wrong with this outfit!

Good luck on the battlefields!

xx Melina