the every mans outfit

 {dress: h&m  I  shoes & shades:  target  I  trench: forever 21  I  
necklace:  kohls  I  clutch:  street in bk}
this is what i like to call an "every mans outfit" - in that every piece, save for this super awesome clutch that chris got for me on the street by his house,  is from a store accessible to everyone.  you know?  target, kohls, f21 and h&m.  it's more likely that you'll see another gal strutting down the street in one of these items, but each lady might pair them differently.  take the trench.  i've seen this thing on a few different bloggesses, loved it and had to have it.   but at the same time - haven't seen it put together in exactly this way.   right?  are you picking up what i'm putting down?  i think so.  it's like...inspiration, man. 

on a side note - i'd like to thank Cyn of Sugar Lips Lifestyle for giving me an amazing shout out today.  go over and check it and her out.   shes rad.


Tiffany said...

helloooo sexy lady! this outfit is so timeless and classic and perfect. I love that trench and didnt realize that F21 had them... hm... I may have to bend the rules of my spending ban

Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips said...

Thank you for being such a wonderful role model and inspiration to all. You are an amazing soul and I hope that our paths cross in the near future. xo Cyn
Sugar Lips Lifestyle Tips

Nikki said...

this outfit is pure perfection! I need to have that clutch! x

Dresses for Dinner said...

I agree! These are very basic pieces, but the way you styled them is very you. Hence the beauty of the fashion world!

marvelloussecret said...

Great! :) I like so color of handbag :)

xoxo, dear :)

Melina said...

I am SO picking up what you're putting down and this outfit rocks! I've really liked the sleeveless trench, but this look just seems... I don't know, timeless! Audrey Hepburn-esque I'd say. Love it. Also, that clutch is gorgeous and I want to steal it!

xx Melina