money shot

{altered chambray:  target  I  loafers:  bass  I  skirt & vest: thrift  I  broach:  grandmother}

i was pointer finger-to-thumb close (i.e. thiiiis close)  to getting the money shot with this outfit.  i had the roof all to myself and had JUST moved the camera so the setting sun was behind me, got one shot (directly above) and then some guy wanders up and sits right SMACK in the middle of my background.  so i'm like, what's up?  go get your own roof.  style blogging in progress, amigo.  make like a tree and leave.

ok.  two things.  1. it's best that you guys know i was using the "dude voice" while banishing the unwanted roof stranger, which is two parts awesome and one part awkward,  and 2.  i didn't really say anything to him.  no, in the real life,  i just smiled and said,  oh...hey.   then sighed a deep sigh, picked up my tripod and pouted the entire walk down to my apartment.

damn my mother for raising me right.


Ashlee said...

This is one of my favorite outfits yet! I love the vest...and the fact that you thrifted it. Silly dude...get off the modeling roof.

Claire M. said...

I love the outfit! so gorgeous ;)

Melina said...

Oh I love this look! I'm definitely going to have to try layering over chambray now!

Also, I have had that exact same roof experience before, with the cooler scenario happening in my head and everything! Damn other people using our fashion blogging roofs!!

xx Melina

Lidiya said...

I adore this outfit, very unique!! These photos are fabulous - I loved your story about the roof, very funny! :)

Cat said...

A style shoot never comes without it's stories :) I think by this point, my neighbors think I am crazy {or at least quite narcissistic :)}.

Love that leather skirt on you!

❤ Cat brideblu

ps. It would have been SO funny if you had really said, "dude, make like a tree and leave" ... good stuff :)