{skirt:  ann taylor  I  belt & heels:  target  I  scarf:  thrift  I  breton top:  jcrew}

slacker.  not to be confused with THE slackers, who are awesome.  no, i'm talking about me being a slacking slacker.  infrequent posts.  infrequent tweets.  infrequent calls home...sorry mom.   all around slack.  you know what i HAVEN'T been slacking on?  eating a fried egg over white rice with edamame.  that shit is good.

on a belated side note:  did everyone have a great fourth of july?  though it was a scorcher here in ny, we managed to have a lovely weekend.  saturday, chris and i took the ferry out to governors island for a picnic (note to self...seriously, don't forget to do research on the history of this place):

and then monday we headed over to cheap storage for fireworks and a late night bbq on the roof.  i made this super awesome berry flag cake - as i'm sure a bajillion people did: 

and a giant bowl of this spicy corn salsa which was both the bomb (kapow) and my new jam: 

all in all it was a fantastic weekend.  the only downside was that i wasn't wearing these.  


Cara said...

I love the scarf head wrap!
xo Cara

Anonymous said...

fantastic photos!

Tiffany said...

so much talk of food in this post.. I am now STARVING and still stuck at work for an hour. Thanks a lot. Also, love those shoessss. gorgeous

Melina said...

I think what you're wearing is adorable! Love the head scarf and those shoes are fantastic!!

xx Melina

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Lovely outfit! The headscarf looks great on you!