On Smiling on the Inside

{blouse:  gma  I  shorts:  ny&c  I  belt:  h&m  I  heels:  target  I  bracelet:  gift}
don't ask me what up with the look on my face in that second photo.  it's like a snarky look - borderline judgmental.    or maybe i make that face a lot and don't know it?   come to think of it, i have been told before - mostly by people i don't know - that i look either intimidating or straight up - like a bitch.  sorry man - thats just my face and no i will NOT smile for you.  

i hate when people do that - men mostly, and in my case usually at the bar...or in the grocery store: "why are you so mad"  or "give us a smile, you look like you're about to kill someone."  excuse me sir, not that it's any of your business but i'm actually in a GREAT mood and was just thinking about...a tropical vacation, glitter, how good corn on the cob tastes in summer and how i'd love to judo chop you in the throat right now.  you know, happy thoughts.  
i'm sorry if my face makes it look otherwise.  

something else that makes me smile on the inside:  this pink blouse.  that black collar is actually an original addition to the piece.  there are buttons and everything to snap it into place.   


Dresses for Dinner said...

That top is gorgeous on you! And I completely agree, "and no I won't smile for you". I hate when people say, "SMILE!" Who smiles for no reason? Tell me a joke!

islabell said...

that pink is so pretty on you!

Melina said...

No, this is the story of my life and it's annoying. In my opinion, walking around with a smile constantly plastered on your face is the stuff nightmares are made of.

However, this outfit is gorgeous! Love the bright top mixed with that adorable pattern in the shorts. So chic!

xx Melina

Tiffany said...

gah, that collar KILLS. And I don't think you have bitch-face, I like your face.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! :) And That pink looks fantastic on you!