Purple + Red

{skirt:  gma  I  top:  h&m  I  belt:  thrift  I  longhorn necklace:  ebay  I  shoes:  target  I  earrings:  chris}
emily was kind enough to take these pictures with my super swank, super fancy, super hi-tech phone.  that's right.  its all about professional photo blogging over here.   at LEAST it's an iphone.  3 months ago i was still using one of those slidey ones that also doubled as a mirror.  remember?    anyway, now that i'm all grown up and on the CUSP of technology...lets talk about clothes: 

so back in february i pulled this page out of elle decor magazine and pinned it to my cork board at work (pre pinterest, duh).  i look at it everyday.  the pinks and reds and purples and yellows are so beautiful together.  i'm willing to bet that it was here that purple and red became awesome together in my head.   what do you think?  i'm loving it.  

you know what else i'm loving (besides these)?  this skirt.  it's another one of them skirts from my grandma.  i actually thought i lost it - you can ask anyone - and went on a rampage trying to find it for the 4th of july - no luck.   

finally i found it the other night wedged between my bed and the wall with some other crap i'd been missing. 

thank god, cause aside from the killer color, it's fun to twirl in...


Tiffany said...

I knew before I even read the sources that this was a GMA dress. Jealous, as always. Also, these colors are PERFECTO together and those shoes... I want. Love how well they pair with the belt. Fabulous, mah dear.

Nikki said...

I love this color combination! and your hair is really really pretty! x

The Daily Fashionista said...

How lovely!! Glad you found the skirt! I hate losing favorite articles of clothing.

Alana said...

OK. I'm in love with you and we've only just met. Too soon? This outfit is making me want to run out and buy me some red jeans and throw on a purple t-shirt. And I prob will...thanks to you.
P.s love your writing. So funny.