Race Day

story time:
this past weekend chris and I drove up to the Poconos to go to a nascar race. have you ever been? nascar races, surprisingly enough, are crazy fun.  plus, my aunt and uncle hooked us up with hot passes so we got to wander around the garage area and watch the race from the pits (right behind where the drivers come in to get their tires changed, fueled up, etc – for non nascar people)   

anyhoo  - we had great aspirations for this trip – it would be a 2 day excursion – we’d drive up Saturday morning, camp out, go to the race Sunday and drive home Sunday night.  

well – in between some unsure wheels and a somewhat tense drive up,  setting up a new tent in the pouring rain (times cats and dogs by like…elephants and gorillas…), stepping on chris’ glasses,  a bitchy campground registration lady who was harshing on me for wearing wedges camping (bitch I will camp you under the table),  followed by a desperate attempt to find a bar, leading to 4 or 5 extra large delirium beers (for me) a 12 pack of coors lite and drunken card games in our DRENCHED tent – Sunday came along and though somewhat hungover, the skys cleared up and we were able to have a fantastic time!  

it was chris' first nascar race and i was so stoked that he was able to experience it - 1. in general and 2. from the pits.  anyway, here are  a few iphone pics.  


Cammila Albertson said...

You look like a regular Suzy Miller out there, looking hot by the race track! :D

pinkmate said...

great photos! I love! What camera did you use?