while todays look is semi-understated, i must point out two key pieces that may or may not have already caught your eye:  1) YSL sweater - or "jumper" as my wonderful sub-letters from london would call it.  how adorable is this?  on my way out of cheap storage after thanksgiving matt handed it to me nonchalantly with my trench coat.  "here - you can have this too"  what the WHAT?  oh...ok...thank you i love you bye!  i ran so fast out of there with my new sweater fighting all urges to ask who what where and why.  mostly why.  i love that the brand is right there in your face, but kind of sort of non offensive.  right?  so yeah, theres that.

and 2) my new rhinestone necklace!  chris picked it up at a vintage store in dallas.  it's so lovely and from the 40's.   what girl DOESN'T love rhinestones.   rhinestones with jeans and a t or rhinestones with a fancy dress - they always seem appropriate.   and funny enough, this certain piece looks very similar to one my grandmother (the one who has given me my other fantastic jewels) has but is unwilling (at this time) to part with / give to me.   so grandma...for now you can rest the eyes on the back of your head when i come home for christmas.  my fingers will be less sticky.

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Melina said...

These photos are GORGEOUS! And that sweater is awesome. What amazing gifts you get!! :)

xx Melina